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Play With Me (Book 1)

Play With Me (Book 1)

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Cassie Lowry By Casualty_Of_Love Completed

*SEXUAL CONTENT*TEACHERxSTUDENT* UNDER CONSTRUCTION rated R. Saphryn is the type of girl who doesnt settle down for anyone. her mother forces her to move almost every month or semester, averaging out to more than twenty schools in her lifetime. her father is a dead beat, someone who left long ago and forgot about her. her mother chooses to be an alcholic, leaving saphryn no one but herself. all her life shes known to fend for herself and be her own person. her childhood was something that never existed, it was robbed of her. she was forced to grow up to soon and lead an adult life before the age of ten. caring was something she was never taught and affection doesnt exist in her book. so what exactly happens when her new teacher, Blaze Evans walks into her life and intends to stay there?                       Blaze always gets what he wants and he has his eyes set on his new student, saphryn. He has never felt such a strong impulse to fuck someone senseless till she came along.                                         Blaze is determined to have her in his arms by the end of the school year, he'll do whatever it takes. He wasn't looking for a mate, but the moment he layed eyes on her he knew that he would have her one way or another.                                              She was his. His to look at. Touch. Smell. See. To fuck. No other man would lay a hand on her with him in the picture now.       As alpha, he is entitled to what he wants and what he needs and now that saphryn has walked in, she's what he needs and what he will take. One thing was for sure though and that was the fact that He would dominate the shit out of her.

Yasmin_314 Yasmin_314 Jun 18, 2016
That sound like my city except mine is full of gangs and drugs and drug dealers inside the schools Monday was the dance at my school and even teachers were twerking but that was just funny😂😂
Lost_Fairytales Lost_Fairytales Jul 27, 2016
I can feel the love pouring out of your mouth like the alcohol you chug.
QueenBri75 QueenBri75 Dec 04, 2016
So....encouraging and heartfelt.... I can almost feel the.....what is it?? Love???
Im_A_Fangirl_____ Im_A_Fangirl_____ Nov 11, 2016
Wish my mom said those things to me, all my mom says is "You're doing so well in school," or "you're going to get into a good college."
Surprised she can maintain that score with her moving around all the time.
I don't know why I found that paragraph so funny... 😂😂