Station Five

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D. L. Mackenzie By dlmackenzie Updated 2 years ago
Mia Cordova is a nurse's aide at Los Arcos Care Center, a large skilled nursing facility caring for the profoundly disabled.  Abby Tate, Mia's twenty-one-year-old patient, has been in a coma for almost two years, kept alive on a ventilator.  When Abby unexpectedly wakes up to find herself a quadriplegic, she withdraws into her own inexpressible feelings of grief, loss, and fear.  As her memories return, it seems Abby is somehow unconsciously channeling some dark and vengeful power, a malevolent force that threatens to destroy everyone and everything around her.
Absolutely excellent writing , got me wondering what happens next
@dlmackenzie Yes the extra depth is great and the fine line is excellent. Thanks.   vtd
@dlmackenzie I like the extra depth. The doc is more repulsive, Pat harder to like and Mia easier to sympathise with.   vtd
@dlmackenzie Now I'm glad I put the question mark after "Isn't it 'eyeing'?"  Especially since you so cruelly subjected me to the didtionary forum link with its 16 awesomely vapid comments about which spelling is "correct.".
                                    Properly abashed, I now feverishly campaign for "eying."
I like the the mystery at the heart of  Mia's professional life juxtaposed with her domestic trials/tribulations – an intriguing mix that works really well.
Great story so far, but jeez I hate short chapters. Thats ok though its still shows  a lot of promise.  I'll certainly be awaiting future updates.