Mating Ball

Mating Ball

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yellowdance13 By yellowdance13 Updated Aug 03

He is a prince.

She is a nobody. 

He is wealthy.

She is poor.

He can't wait to meet his mate.

She wants to be independant

What do they both have in common? They are both 18- year- old and single... 

So not much.

In this story there is a werewolf boy named Kenneth James III. There is a human girl named Rose. 

What happens when Kenneth's dad the king decides to host the kingdom wide 1st annual ' Mating Ball'? And every girl in the kingdom is 'invited' for Kenneth to find his mate. And it turns out it is required by law that you must go. 
What will she do? 
Will he find his mate?
 Find out in Mating Ball.

I can already tell this author is great, just by the descriptions and details
Woowww! It feels like I'm reading something professional! Love the way you write😀
lynae_me lynae_me May 02
Your writing is SOOO good but if you maybe didn't start every sentence with "I"
My having a masquerade ball for my sweet sixteen 😂it's an enchanted forest setting 😍
darknightdarkhorsesx darknightdarkhorsesx Nov 26, 2015
Ah, loving the 'poor' vibe I'm getting every other word. Literally everything is poor. Everything.
GoddessOfSecrets GoddessOfSecrets Aug 17, 2015
If u have any questions, type stars continuously into your phone!