That Boy is  a Girl / UNDEREDITTING

That Boy is a Girl / UNDEREDITTING

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Royesha By Yesha682 Updated Jul 28, 2019

Story about a girl who pretending tobe a man to leave a safety life, and build a gang to revenge her father and brother who died 10 years ago,  and in her high school life she meet a group of man that has alot of secret. Her gang been invited to the world gangster battle, they join to succeed they revenge and known be known as the world greatest gangster. But after a few fight she discover that shes fighting with her childhood sweetart and with the man she love. After her 18 birthday her mom give her a big birthday gift. And her gang not just known as a greatest gangster but she also be the mysterious Y Diamond of a super scariest company. After all the succeed she met again the man she love as girl, but they can't easyly be together, alot of trial and danger things before they finally can be together.