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The Alpha Who Saved Me | Alpha Book 1 √ (editing)

The Alpha Who Saved Me | Alpha Book 1 √ (editing)

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abawow By xxFatherOfLukexx Completed

Best rank (16th May 2017): #9 in Werewolf

Trigger Warnings: mature themes, including types of abuse. Wattpad made this book mature, so just a warning before you choose to read.

Chapters marked with a √ have been edited.


"It doesn't smell of oranges in here, though... Maybe a pack member came up here to get things ready for us and they have been around oranges or are one or something."

"It's everywhere. How can you not smell it? All over the beds, everything."

He looks at me for a long moment before smirking. "I can't smell it."

He was a little too happy for noticing that fact. "You already said that, dumbass."

"Yeah..." He drags, "and that means?"

"Stop trying to lead me to some amazing conclusion and tell me what is going on in that impossibly small brain of yours."

He rolls his eyes at my not playing along. "Your mate."

I get to feet quickly and stand opposite him, looking him dead in the eye. "You better not be pulling my leg, Donnelly."

He chuckles. "Nope. It's the only logical explanation."


BOOK ONE: The Alpha Who Saved Me
BOOK TWO: Misconstrusions Of Love
BOOK THREE: Wild Type Of Man
BOOK FOUR: Secrets Of A Luna

Wait She's actually called nameless.... 
                              ... Are you pulling my leg?
I'm laying on my bead and I literally had to pull my arms to my sides because I was so creeped out. Good job author, I can already tell this is going to be a great book.
kkg12304 kkg12304 Apr 11
AGAIN. Someone hold my hoops I'm about to beat his ass, cut off his ball, and feed them to Cerberus
bernie-26 bernie-26 May 16
The Alpha(questionable title for this one , really) seems like trouble.
Couldn't you at least say Main POV or something. This is way to sad to start a book.
HeheCakes HeheCakes Mar 18
*takes out spoon*
                              Don't worry..
                              I will make this very, very painful. 
                              *raises spoon to left eye and plunges*