The Assassins Son  ( BWWM)

The Assassins Son ( BWWM)

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Kennedy 💜 By Loveless___Romantic Updated Jul 23, 2017

His name was Lucas, Lucas Giulio. He was the one kid in class I didn't know. He only talked to 2 people in the school and those were his brothers. He was dark mysterious and in his own way handsome. He had dark alluring features that called your name like a whisper in the night. But pale skin that looked like freshly fallen snow. In a teenage girls fantasy he was some type of mythical creature. But in mine he became my neighbor. And I couldn't wait to find out the person beneath his hard pissed off exterior.


 Mallory Brooks was always everyone's favorite person. She had two parents that could serve her the world on a platter at her request. She had amazing friends, Amazing grades, Amazing sport skills. She was an ideal daughter and friend, Which is why when Lucas Giulio comes into her life , everyone thinks her life has turned into danger.

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blossickforever blossickforever May 03, 2017
At least you have a father who doesn't come home until 11 or 12am. 6 is crazy hours? That is nothing
Travel_Pixie94 Travel_Pixie94 Jul 03, 2017
Smh I'm like him. I don't open my mouth unless ta important. I can't stand Chatty Cathy's like stfu
bougieb bougieb Jun 09, 2017
Girl you better pussy up and look that man in the eyes. Mama ain't raise no bitch.
bambam_is_dabdab bambam_is_dabdab Dec 01, 2017
Then your dad should be an uber driver, then he'll understand what crazy hours are
BLINK477 BLINK477 Nov 25, 2017
Literally there is no off season right now for me for soccer because I'm playing in college 😑 it though 😂