Naruto's Twin Sister (Naruto Fanfiction)

Naruto's Twin Sister (Naruto Fanfiction)

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XNeesanX By AriaNeesan Updated Nov 04, 2016

Twelve years ago, during the attack of the Nine-Tails, Uzumaki Kushina, the wife of Namikaze Minato, had given birth to a baby boy named Uzumaki Naruto but instead of a baby, it turn out to be a pair of twins with opposite gender.

A boy, as you all know, is none other than the hyperactive knuckle-head Uzumaki Naruto. Now for the girl... The girl had her mother's appearances, soft crimson hair with a pair of kiddy violet eyes, and her parent's personality.

On the night of the attack, Minato and Kushina were sealing the Yin of the Kyubi in Naruto's body and the Yang in the baby girl's body. Then, when the night was getting dangerous, Minato ordered a certain someone to bring the red-headed away from the Leaf village since it was dangerous.

The person reluctantly left with the baby but before that, the couple finally named the beautiful angel...

Namikaze Naru

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Nothing0But0Blank Nothing0But0Blank Sep 30, 2017
Haha i can imagine him ninja running holding the baby by the foot in one hand.
lexiDrag lexiDrag Jun 08, 2017
If she falls for shikamaru n they marry her name will be naru naru
Gray_Tanimoto Gray_Tanimoto Feb 24, 2016
I don't know if I should be happy or not that my profile picture as this book have the same image
--Chan --Chan Jan 04, 2016
I love it...if you don't mind can i use some examples author-chan not alot tho cause my story is different it an Oc x Luffy from One Piece
Elda-Shirakiin Elda-Shirakiin Jul 21, 2015
God this is so sad for the little kiddie girl, I feel that in the future that she would yell on why wasn't she told that she had an older sibling. Or something like that.