Run Ruby Run

Run Ruby Run

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Alisha By MissTigress Updated 4 days ago

"Uh," I sheepishly itch the back of my dripping neck, "could you maybe...toss me my heels?" 

 Fury rolls off Noah's drenched frame in crashing waves, and his chest heaves heavily as if a bull seeing red. I barely manage to dodge the glossy, 4 inch heeled pumps from flying at me and stabbing me in the face. "I'M GONNA SMEAR YOUR INTESTINES ALL OVER THESE FUCKING WALLS!"

Highest Ranking: #1 in humour.

Popcorn check
                              Chips check
                              Coca Cola check
                              Pillows check
                              Leftovers check
A_T_Y_W_T_B A_T_Y_W_T_B Nov 20
Hi! I have noticed your book does not have as many reads as it deserves. Check out my profile to see how you can promote it 😀
"Disclaimer: Contains swearing, etc..."
                              I love it already (:
😂😂 Im dead 💀 That's what made me wanna read this story
apsmiles1 apsmiles1 Nov 24
April fools! Bc batch it be your intestines that I smear over the facking walls. ♧
It says 'sexual references' while comments were stuck at 69 xD not anymore