Is this love? ( ⚣ BoyxBoy ⚣ )

Is this love? ( ⚣ BoyxBoy ⚣ )

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(・ω・) By HomoBaka Completed

For all he knows, Joshua had always been the typical ''rich and popular kid''. All due to the fact that he was extremly beautiful and because his mom remarried his (now) stepdad. But Joshuas childhood seemed to be Everything from perfect. What happens when he meets a mysterious good-looking man at the café he's working at? Who is this man?
What happens when his coworker seems to have a crush on him?
What happens when he meets his stepdad after moving out?

Read and find out! ;3 ♥

WARNING: This story contains ⚣ YAOI / BL / BOYXBOY! ⚣
If you're not into this genre or if you don't know what it is I suggest you either leave this page or read carefully! 
There might also be some abuse aswell so if you're not into the genre I suggest you click away right now! cx

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Rose petals, what type of hotel is this?!
                              Thats pretty extra doe
Sex! Sex! Sex! Intercourse, of course!! (My new catchphrase)
Fuaszi Fuaszi Nov 13, 2014
I enjoyed reading this so far. Hope you update soon keep up the good work