Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? (It's back!)

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? (It's back!)

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Being secretly in love with the most popular boy is a common occurrence for many teenage girls. For Kylie Hood, the most unnoticeable girl at Woods High School, dreaming of Trevor Grimm is a silly fantasy to help her escape her own cruel reality.

So, when Trevor suddenly asks for Kylie's help with a school project, you'd think sparks would fly and they'd fall madly in love, right?


Maybe Trevor would have seen the girl who hides under a red hoodie is actually an innocent beauty. Maybe he would have noticed the signs of abuse when she flinched-and just maybe--he would have found her innocence endearing, and really looked at the girl others have ignored for the past four years.

Well, he didn't. 

This isn't a story where the loner girl and popular boy fall in love after a school project unites them--not even close. This is a story about first loves and first kisses. A story where mistakes are made and lessons are learned. A tale of broken friendships, damaged souls, and murder. 

Deadly secrets and even deadlier residents wait in the corners of Black Woods, Oregon. The wolves are everywhere, they say-and many have lost themselves in the dark. Those who do not wish for such grim fates, would be wise to find the safe paths.

This is not a simple story. This fairytale is not what you're expecting.

Because this story is about what happened when the girl under the red hood met the Big Bad Wolf.
**Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood & various Grimm's Fairy Tales**
May not be appropriate for all young readers
Highest Rank: #1 Teen Fiction!

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Thank youuuu for reposting! I love this story so much❤ I've been here since like the 6th chapter and I'm so happy for it to be here again ((:
EJHARRIS4713 EJHARRIS4713 3 days ago
I would have went off on both of them. On Trevor for not doing the freaking project, and at Logan for not sharing that with me sooner. But, when I'm mad/irritated all of my rational/intimidated thinking/feeling goes out the window.
Wow, you are Dr. Seuss reincarnate! "Solid and lean-not an inchnof fat to be seen." Now THAT is my kind of rhyme!
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Okay dude chill, your in his place. Have a bit of respect and he is older than you wth. 😒😑