Taming the Bad Boy Alpha (On Hold)

Taming the Bad Boy Alpha (On Hold)

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livia By WriterInsanity Updated Oct 13, 2016

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Ariana Rogers is next in line for the Alpha title.
Cory Adams is also next in line for the Alpha title.
The difference?
One wants it, the other one doesn't.

Cory has been on a wild streak of parties, booze, and girls for a long time. His parents have finally had enough. They decide to send Cory off to the neighboring pack to learn some respect and discipline (with acceptance from the Alpha and some mumbled curses from Ariana of course).

Ariana is the poster child for perfect. Perfect grades, perfect house, perfect clothes, perfect pretty much everything. Except the perfect girl isn't so perfect when it comes to her extreme temper, bad language, and the constant desire to eat chocolate toffee cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These two meet and you expect the worst thing to happen, right? Wrong. They're actually mates, each other's other half, meant to be together forever... Wait. Maybe that is the worst thing that could've happened.



A little cliche, maybe a little corny, but also full of originality and my own twist on the werewolf romance genre. Please give it a look. Vote, comment, follow me! I see every single things you guys do and I really appreciate every ounce of support.

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the-crazy-hatsmen the-crazy-hatsmen Oct 13, 2015
Or that small third way that some people react. They say finally one supernatural thing that will actually talk to me.