The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

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princessshree By princessshree Completed

What happens when your only  ex- girlfriend is planning your wedding...?

The wedding news is everywhere....Prince Stefan is official engaged to Elena.
Samantha is helping her aunt for planning this wedding. She knew the complications that would occur in planning this but she can't let her past overcome her future. Even if it hurts, she continue doing that even if she has to face him everyday.

Stefan decided to marry Elena only because her mother forces him to do and for his people sake. But he could control his feelings when he sees Sam in his palace and couldn't control the anger and hatred when he come to know that she is indeed planning his wedding. But he never want to overcome his past on his future but one question still hangs in his mind form his past and he is intend to ask her.

Fate turns out for Sam as the truth about her past reveals out but it's too late for her.

Join the journey of Sam and Stefan........ Will they ever be together?

MaiaWritesWell MaiaWritesWell Feb 22, 2016
I love the irony of how the character Stefan is being played by Ian. Do you watch Vampire Diaries? @princessshree
princessshree princessshree Jul 23, 2013
@SGiNE1 Hey... thats so sweet.. brought smile on my face and made my day... thank :).... hope you like the whole book :)
MelanieeDi MelanieeDi Aug 07, 2011
I'm actually really interested in this book, i had reed this first chapter, and because i don't have a lot of time to read, i added it to my library.  Keep up the good work!
Cherryflossx Cherryflossx Aug 05, 2011
I love the way you started it off and I'm about to read on because now I'm interested
fvckufo fvckufo Aug 04, 2011
I like it so far(: i think it very well written and i think its funny how you put ian somerhalder as "stefan" lol
                              Definetly reading on! 
Bad_Scooter Bad_Scooter Aug 04, 2011
This is good :) Maybe you could get an editor on here just to read through it for you and pick out any mistakes, the storlyline itself is very good and you clearly have talent.
                              Im'a voting :D