Demon King's little Sex Slave (boyxboy)

Demon King's little Sex Slave (boyxboy)

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FantasySVL By FantasySVL Updated Feb 03, 2015

Heaven and Hell don't mix. 
Angels and Demons don't mix. 

Heaven which felt like nothing can go wrong. That's what Lucas thought it would be. Everything happened so fast. One minute he was sitting in the park with his best friends, the next, he was captured by demons and is as a sex slave. 
Scared, confuse, and in front of sex god known as 'Demon King' 'Satan' staring at him with his eyes full with lust. 

What will he do ESCAPE?
Or give in?

This is my FIRST story

tac1nayn tac1nayn Oct 05
Also when there is a new speaker you need to make a new paragraph
When I saw the name Lucas the first thing that popped up in my head was Smash Brother Brawl. Anyone else or am I all alone?
I think you should get someone to proof read this for you and help you set it up properly.
I was wondering why was it so familiar and then i remembered
botdfrainbow botdfrainbow Dec 28, 2015
Cn u please seperate sentences. after someone says something can u press the enter key
                              it makes it look like this-
                              "blah de blah blab blah"
                              "bla bla ba bla"
                              "yada yada yada"
                              "yak yak yak"
                              it seperates them and makes thye story a whole lot easier to understand
Immortal_Rainbow Immortal_Rainbow Aug 29, 2015
Girl? You noob it's clearly a guy. I mean look at that face. Girls have a more........manly face. Do u not kno the rule of anime. Girl looks = male. Male looks = girl