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Lee Roux By LeeRoux Updated Sep 13, 2016

On her 18th birthday, Hanna had to marry Grant. Not for love, but just because she had an arranged marriage even before she was born. 

However, things weren't going to happen as everybody expected. Grant had other plans for himself, and marrying was not one of them. 

Max Kali inherited a debt from his father. He was going to lose everything to an arrogant rich brat, because his father couldn't control his vices. His only way out was to fix a little problem that Grant had, so he wouldn't lose his land. However, fixing the little "problem" was not as simple as it may have seemed. He had to kidnap Grant's fiancé so the wedding wouldn't happen. His moral standards were put at stake. 

Hanna's expected everything in that cursed day than to be kidnapped by a steaming hot man. She didn't know if she would kick him or thank him for that. She just knew that she was in danger and that she had to escape. But Max had other plans for her. He was not going to let her go so easily, not when he understood that she was his soul mate. Not when he imprinted his mark on her and was falling head over heels for her. But how could he tell her the whole truth? How could he tell her about the wolves without making her run to never come back? And how about Grant... was he going to rescue Hanna? And did Hanna want to be rescue?

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Voted by an assassin. :3 You deserve a ninja's good feedback.
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hopefulromantic hopefulromantic May 27, 2011
By the looks of it, this seems like a good read! No complaints here. I like the pace and descriptions.  And the POV's really differ which is what I like. Write on! 
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Hey hi everybody, hope everybody is having a great day! Just wanted to say that I will be updating soon! Love u guys and dont forget to vote! XxX