Why Me? || p.jm

Why Me? || p.jm

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Sarah By JiminiePop Updated Jun 13, 2017

•• A 17 year old girl named Kim Eunji has moved in the past due to her dad's company. She is constantly moving, and she hates it. She never got to keep her friends close, so she stopped trying. 

She moved to a new school leaving her best friend behind never to see again. She lost hope. First days aren't always the best, and Eunji immediately found her enemy and also a new friend she hopes will turn out right. Maybe someone else...

What happens when she finds out something she wish she didn't, something she knows she'll regret knowing? It will change everything. ••

"It's hard to pretend you love someone when you don't, but it's harder to pretend you don't love someone when you really do."

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NochuMochiAlien NochuMochiAlien Jun 11, 2017
This reminds me of mean girls 2 where the main character moves a lot.
XhandraBreilley XhandraBreilley Feb 18, 2016
Why Mr.Lee called her Mrs?? I mean that supposed to be ms. Right?? Just asking if you don't mind :)
krislyshayne krislyshayne Aug 14, 2016
Eunji has a group right  the name of the group is Apink and I love the luv
ho-seokie ho-seokie Jun 05, 2016
God damn it parents these days never put their child's feelings first
SplatteredSun SplatteredSun Feb 09, 2017
Dude, there's this thing called long distance relationships... I have a best friend who I still talk to, even though I haven't seen her in person for three years since I move a lot. Just saying, if you really want permanent friends, it's possible.
mnixyg mnixyg May 28, 2016
aww when i saw jimin my jearteu just id don't did stuff i guess xD