With Love

With Love

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Ashful By Ashful Updated Nov 25, 2014

Jason Blackwood has enjoyed leading a life of debauchery and licentiousness, exemplified by his title and wealth. Although considered quite the catch, it would be in each debutantes' best interests to give Lord Blackwood a very wide berth, indeed.

Nicola Eversley had been best friends with Blanche Blackwood, Jason's youngest sister, since they were both children. For as long as she could recall she had always harboured the deepest yearning for Blanche's darkly handsome brother who had always treated her with sincere kindness and chivalry. Her desires a secret, she had been immune to the gossip and speculation regarding Lord Blackwood's licentious exploits, and when fate decides to entwine their paths one unexpected stormy night, Nicola has to decide whether to forgive these flaws or allow them to ruin her perceptions of him for good.

Set in Regency England, this is a tale of humour, friendship and, most importantly, love.

  • humour
  • love
  • regency
Librocubicularist420 Librocubicularist420 Apr 22, 2016
Hey, well, I was 8 when I had my first crush and I'll tell ya, if that was me witnessing that, I might have felt the same. ;)
ZafArielZul ZafArielZul Dec 13, 2014
I adore Blanche and her penchant for eating, really, I think its hilarious and really, quite real. Jason is quite a tease - an important quality in any man, really. I cannot wait to see how their story will unfurl! Great chapter as always m'dear. I'm off to the next chapter!
ZafArielZul ZafArielZul Dec 13, 2014
Good gracious! As always my dear, that was magnificent! Looking forward to read more of this and definitely more of Jason. 
                              Happy that you're back!
dior24 dior24 Nov 25, 2014
Love the start your making, have only a slight thought, situate( as in situate the sofa) would never be used, it is more American phrase, and this is a regency era I presume
dior24 dior24 Nov 25, 2014
Very happy to read a new and very interesting book especially by you
ThrivingOnOptimism ThrivingOnOptimism Nov 04, 2014
Saw this on my newsfeed and was like, YAY, FINALLY!
                              Glad to see you back on Wattpad:)
                              Can't wait to read more!