Riyaadh's Story

Riyaadh's Story

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"I love you." He whispered in her ear before he kissed the shell of her ear and then her forehead.

Finally, he kissed her lips. He could taste the the salty tears that ran, unbidden, down her face. Perhaps they were his own tears; he didn't know.

He pulled back and just looked at her, memorising her face before he kissed her once more.

"I divorce you." He said it silently, shamefully in her ear.

She shook her head, disbelief written over her face.

He kissed her cheek; his silent apology. "I divorce you."

He hugged  her tightly, painfully. He could feel her heart beating against his chest. He kissed her one final time. "I divorce you."

Then, he left.

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yes, I was sad when I seen your message and the notification of this chapter, but now that I read this chapter im excited😂🙊 
                              it was amazingly written💖
Lol I also try to hand the telephone to anyone near me when possible
Reading this reminded me just HOW MUCH I loved this book 😭😩🔥❤️
YehiasMom YehiasMom Jul 03
Oh man.. I thougt it was completed.. my bad.. you're clearly rewriting it..  just my luck🙄😂
Best believe I'll read this story again and again and again 💖💖💖
Ruyaa12 Ruyaa12 Jul 06
Poor Riyaadh.. To love with all his heart only to be left broken💔