Riyaadh's Story

Riyaadh's Story

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"I love you." He whispered in her ear before he kissed the shell of her ear and then her forehead.

Finally, he kissed her lips. He could taste the the salty tears that ran, unbidden, down her face. Perhaps they were his own tears; he didn't know.

He pulled back and just looked at her, memorising her face before he kissed her once more.

"I divorce you." He said it silently, shamefully in her ear.

She shook her head, disbelief written over her face.

He kissed her cheek; his silent apology. "I divorce you."

He hugged  her tightly, painfully. He could feel her heart beating against his chest. He kissed her one final time. "I divorce you."

Then, he left.

I think big brother syndrome is sweet to read about, but I thank God for not giving me a brother like that. Would never be able to survive otherwise xD
Knowing Farhana's backstory, I'm now wondering if she was the reason for the collapse of their marriage :/ Riaz's prediction would be true
My brother-in-law was a mess when he had to meet everyone in my family for the engagement (and there were a lot). I felt very bad for him loll
wadiawrites wadiawrites Jan 09
and yes i love the setting too, not the usual desi setting <3
I haven't visited any place except the middle east. I'm happy to visit south africa through your book! 😍
wadiawrites wadiawrites Jan 09
i absolutely love how the girl is a niqaabi and so lovely and its just beautiful that he is okay with that