The Boss and the Employee { A SasuNaru Fanfic }

The Boss and the Employee { A SasuNaru Fanfic }

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Randy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By potato_chan Updated Jul 23, 2015

Uchiha Sasuke, the flirtatious boss of the Uchiha Corporation.
Uzumaki Naruto, the playboys assistant who's always running doing what the Uchiha wants. 

As the playboy Uchiha begins to lose interest of all the girls in the office, he starts to take notice of a specific blonde. 

Naruto has always been annoyed of Sasuke's flirty attitude and has always ignored his acts. Once he starts noticing the Uchiha hitting on him, Naruto starts to develop feelings for the raven.

As the two keep teasing each other, they soon realize their feelings for one another.

Find out as all the drama starts in the office. (⋈・◡・)

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Pokenerd1 Pokenerd1 Jun 04, 2017
Is naruto one of those people that refers to them self in third person?
Rosie_Rose_98 Rosie_Rose_98 Sep 06, 2017
Haven't read it yet about to, however had to say I love the pic for the story
Luca_Samaki Luca_Samaki Jun 05, 2017
                              JEFF=where Luma-chan
                              JEFF=COME HERE YOU PLAYBOY
                              LUMA=bye sasuka~kun
Luca_Samaki Luca_Samaki Jun 05, 2017
LUMA=naruto dont be jealous of hem
                              JEFF=ya luma is right dude
                              LUMA=thank jeff
michele101 michele101 Oct 10, 2016
Naw I got work to do , unless you want to file my paper work then fine.
whatfandom whatfandom Sep 05, 2016
Dayum sasuke the the rich CEO with a obsession for blonde foxes