Just A One Shot c;

Just A One Shot c;

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Harry By BetterThanYouBlue Updated Nov 05, 2012

"No Luke! Don't!" I giggled as he smashed pink frosting into my wavy brown hair. Okay, maybe making cupcakes wasn't a very good idea. But come on, cupcakes. 

I looked over at him to see that he was studying my body. His eyes moved over me like I was the most gorgeous thing on the planet. But thats him. He was wearing a black t-shirt, and tight black skinnies that made his ass look amazing. 

I stared into his hazel eyes, and a small smirk played on his lips, before I knew it, he was wiping orange cupcake frosting all over my face. He giggled as he studied me again.

"Well babe, I gotta say, orange and pink arent really your colors." He laughed as he turned around to get a towel.

Thats when I made my move, I grabbed the container of blue frosting, and waited for him to turn around. And when he did, I lunged at him.

"Harry what are you doing!" He laughed as I tackled him to the ground and smeared the frosting all over him.

"Revenge is a bitch huh?" I giggled as I pecked him on the li...

bakalux bakalux Nov 05, 2012
God damn babe ... <3 1. that was extremely freaking hot 2. thanks for the boner. ; ) and 3. i love how you captured me perfectly ; D woo we should do these one shots more often ,most definitely worth the wait.