Creepypasta Poems

Creepypasta Poems

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The Insane Toxic Shade By toxicTrickster Updated Sep 02, 2016

It hurts to breath so I don't.

It hurts to feel so I don't.

I want to swim away, but I can't.

I sit alone watching the time tick by.

The madness doesn't set in yet.

I feel the water surrounding me, Drowning me.

My time ran out, by no longer cry.

Red tears come out instead.

I guess that means I was never really dead but, no longer human.

AshDaWolf AshDaWolf Nov 05, 2016
Sometimes, I want Ben to come to kill me so I can hug him before I die...
reallycool245 reallycool245 Jun 18, 2016
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Nicolover1101 Nicolover1101 Mar 21, 2016
I know how they feel cause I'm a proxy of EJ, love the poem by the way!!!!!!
JustTwoPsychos JustTwoPsychos Jul 16, 2016
I love how everyone is saying, "I'm a proxy." Out of all my years of life, I haven't seen anything more pathetic. Creepypastas aren't real. If they are, send them my way. If I see them for myself and they can prove you are a proxy, then fine. I believe you. But if not, sorry.
emo_or_scene emo_or_scene Apr 21, 2016
Me-My poor poor baby... *smacks ben and shakes his shoulders* pull yourself together man
                              Ben-but Zoey you're so mean. I hate you!
                              Me- I love you too ben *hugs* I'm sorry
AlannaColheneJoBraga AlannaColheneJoBraga Sep 27, 2016
Why is this people always says Im a proxy .jeez. people and there fantasys are wild like mine--.--