The Secret Daughter of a  Billionaire

The Secret Daughter of a Billionaire

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Meet Alexis Mckennon. Average intelligence, miss baby runner up for best hair, and almost perfect dancer. Living in the small town of Ranson, West Virginia. Alexis had it good. Good friends, crazy aunt and an amazing mother. Until she walked in and saw her mother having a seizure on the floor. Turns out her mother had stage-four leukemia. Her mother fought for a tough five years. After the funeral, Alexis is going through her mothers room to find the computer her mother kept on lockdown open with her last email on the screen. Reading over the email about this guy looking forward to her mother heading out to see him again after 15 years, Alexis finds it signed by a man initialed J.G. Putting together her interesting past and the number of years since they have seen each other, she comes to the conclusion that this is her father... and she is gonna find him.

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amena8 amena8 May 09
What was d point in starting a novel u cannot finished .... since 2014 and we are in 2017 ...!! I dislike writers like u @ author remind me never to read ur novel again.