My Stepbrother {completed}

My Stepbrother {completed}

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For about 11 months my mom, Cristina, has been seeing this guy named Daniel.

And now that they're gonna be getting married,

My mom and I have to move all the way to California and they're ripping me away from my friends and my boyfriend.

"MOM! DO I HAVE TOO! WHY CANT I JUST LIVE WITH DAD!" I yelled to her from my now empty room.

"UH NEGATIVE!" She yelled in response.

I grabbed one of the last boxes that was in my room and closed the door.

I ran down the stairs and out the front door.

I placed the box in the mover truck and got into the car.

"Mom, why couldn't they just move with us?" I asked.

"Because all his family lives out there and none of our family lives out here in New Hampshire." My mom said as she pulled out the driveway following the movers.


When we got to the house, it was huge.

He lived in a fucking mansion, well to me because my old house was just a 2 stories.

But his house was like freaking HUGE.

I got out the ca...

SunriseKittie SunriseKittie Oct 05, 2017
It's makes a nice change that step bro isn't a douche for once
_xoxo_kera _xoxo_kera Dec 30, 2017
Is it weird that I thought about Max Green when I read this? 😂
arubio20102 arubio20102 Mar 12, 2016
Lol sorry it isnat a white girl room if there's isn't lights hung I'm sorry lol I love everyone
keren1698 keren1698 Mar 09, 2016
Camryn is me. I love those bands but my room isn't decorates that way. But I would totally decorate it that way
user199999999999 user199999999999 Jan 05, 2016
Melanie Martinez plays as her that's the only reason I'm reading
- - Jan 04, 2016
Please tell me she won't be one of those "nirvana fans" who only knows smells like teen spirit...