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In a world where Power overrules everything, love holds no place for someone as cynical and cold hearted as Justin.

Until he he meets the one girl who makes a difference And she turns his world upside down.

But fate steps in and forces Justin to make the hardest decision of his life; Risk the life of the girl he loves by staying or walk away and break her heart?

It seems the decision is made for him when unknown threats force his hand and without much of a choice, he walks away, leaving not only the love of his life on a hospital bed,

But his heart as well.


Fast forward five years and It seems fate has destined the two to cross paths once again, only this time they're older, wiser and a lot more willing to break down walls that were once cemented in stone. 

But with power such as Justin's come enemies, with enemies come danger...

With danger... Comes risking the life of the woman he refuses to walk away from.

Blood will be shed.

Loyalties will be tested.

Love will either hold strong or crumble underneath the pressure.

ItzHelana ItzHelana Jul 02
Ugh just no focus on brunettes with blue eyes cause that's what you'll fall in love with