Insurrection ➣ Bellamy Blake

Insurrection ➣ Bellamy Blake

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nat By nostalgicnat Updated Mar 03, 2016

[Formerly named "In My Veins"]

Unexpectedly finding her ex-boyfriend running through the Ark in distress with a weapon, young Arabella Vander chooses a risky path. With being the only one on the Ark to have a chronic case of asthma, she quickly finds out Earth is a dangerous place to be.

The characters, plot and partial scripting belong to Jason Rothenberg and/or Kass Morgan. I am not claiming that as my own work. This is a work of fan-fiction, based off of the television series The 100 on The CW. No copyright intended!

buzoIics buzoIics Feb 27
tbh ive been looking for this fic for the longest. its one of my favorite and can't wait to reread omgg
wonderswoman wonderswoman May 24, 2016
That moment when Bellamy Blake is a total ass but your love him anyways.
stilestaco stilestaco Dec 28, 2015
Makes me cringe due to your lack of capitalization, seems like a good book though
_supermoose_ _supermoose_ Dec 16, 2015
I like it so far, it's unique. I haven't read one where she had breathing problems so it should be something new
SWCeverything SWCeverything Dec 14, 2015
See...this is probably a really good fanfic...but I can't read it because of the lack of capital letters.
nostalgicnat nostalgicnat Dec 31, 2014
@destielbabe i'm sorry, it must have been a glitch and i accidently got in this chapter. just ignore the last part, i deleted so you should get it know that it's just arabellamy :)