~Asiah's Mate~

~Asiah's Mate~

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Alicia By daff123 Completed

Kristasiah Carter is a 17 year old who was born a Hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire with killer abilities. She has felt isolated, alone, alien to the world and developmentally she is beyond the years of a twelve year old hybrid, she is a full grown adult hybrid......

 Being close to her father Christian before she was born. Her mother Adrianna has always felt she favored her dad over her...this caused confusion, seperation and conflict..........

After a gut wrenching tragedy........

 Asiah’s isolation becomes so severe that her father and mother sends her to live with her Aunt Megan whom she was also close to, hoping she can help her heal.

When she starts school her final year and is drawn to a particular boy, who starts to obsess over her the moment he lays eyes on her, he claims her as his mate is but she is unsure,....since her tragedy the thing she has been haunted with for so long is now what she needs to distinguish if he is.......

Is he the one whom she’s dreamed about since she was younger or is he just a hindrance to her destiny? A destiny where she find that perfect love like her parents did.....


They are perfect for you and all that you ever desired to have,  but not Asiah, she fights and holds on to her dream mate trying to match him though the ideas and feelings she develops for new faces and relationships...who is her mate?

Asiah goes though love, loss and need for one thing....

Her mate.

~ A story originated from Impressions~ and Adrianna's story~

  • abduction
  • abilites
  • abilities
  • ace
  • adrianna
  • alpha
  • anger
  • anna
  • ariel
  • asiah
  • beautiful
  • beauty
  • brayden
  • break
  • broken
  • bryce
  • chris
  • christian
  • confusion
  • control
  • dark
  • darren
  • date
  • deception
  • desperate
  • destinee
  • destiny
  • dillian
  • dillion
  • dominance
  • dreams
  • family
  • fight
  • free
  • freedom
  • happy
  • harry
  • healing
  • home
  • honeymoon
  • hot
  • hurt
  • hybrid
  • innocence
  • jealousy
  • jordan
  • kristasiah
  • leon
  • liam
  • lies
  • loss
  • love
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  • mate
  • mates
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  • mel
  • memories
  • mic
  • milla
  • need
  • new
  • party
  • past
  • power
  • pressure
  • punnishment
  • queen
  • reality
  • rejection
  • revelation
  • royalty
  • secret
  • silas
  • steven
  • suprise
  • thad
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  • thaddeus
  • tiffany
  • truth
  • vampire
  • weakness
  • wedding
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  • wrath
  • xzavier
Readzalot1 Readzalot1 Jul 23, 2016
Can't wait for this series.  I understand now that this is the first I the series now, I can't wait.  Your books never disappoint.
JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Jun 20, 2016
Looking forward to reading this series. Wish I'd caught the first 3, but happy to read these. 😊
XjustmeX XjustmeX May 31, 2015
What book is this, is it a mix of the first two or is it number 4 in the series, I would read to see but I don't want to spoil anything by reading something I shouldn't. Please help?!
darktigerlily darktigerlily Feb 25, 2015
This is part of the Breath Series of 6 books. #1 Adrianna's Story #2 Impressions #3 My Hybrid Mate #4 Asiaha Mate 1&2 Between To Kings #5, last book in series #6 Deserving Desire. Hope this helps you,  it a good read.   CHEERS. SMILES
darktigerlily darktigerlily Sep 09, 2014
Can't wait to ride again! got my ticket in hand. So let's ride the fantasy. CHEERS. I'll be good!!!. SMILES
Sabrina_1535 Sabrina_1535 Dec 31, 2013
Does this story have anything to do with the sequel to "My Omega"? Just wondering...