Mr. Watson  (Teacher X Student Romance)

Mr. Watson (Teacher X Student Romance)

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Maddie By cutiepie89 Updated Apr 15, 2013

Krissa has always been a good girl, keeping her grades up, behaving in class, and CERTAINLY not crushing on her teachers. But all that changed when she met Mr. Watson., her amazingly handsome, sweet, funny, English teacher.  Does he feel the same way about her? And if he does how will they keep from getting caught?!

When her ex-boyfriend Chase and her best friend Allison go missing, Chase suspects it has to do with his dark past and with Krissa tagging along, the go in search of them and the criminals behind the mysterious dissapearances.

Sharylermanbrat Sharylermanbrat Oct 04, 2017
heyy! I already love this book even tho I've just completed half of it. can you read my story too? It's about a girl getting kidnapped my a hot stranger she keeps seeing and her journey with him.
clariiiiiii1 clariiiiiii1 Sep 02, 2016
My name is Clarissa and when I meet people they always think I said krissa so annoying 😂
fortheloveofsociety fortheloveofsociety Jul 08, 2015
I wish this chapter was a bit longer, but I think I will like it
AliceRejoyce AliceRejoyce Dec 01, 2012
Just an idea; with the romance novel she's reading, you could make it ironic, like if she was reading something like 'notes on a scandle' or something like that, with the whole 'having an affair with a student' concept?  i dont know- your book...
                              but I like this, I like this a lot!