Too Old to be Babysat (COMPLETED)

Too Old to be Babysat (COMPLETED)

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At age 16, Sahra (read as Sahara) is forced to take a job demanded by her mother. Luckily, her mother knows of a job where she will babysitting two boys. Piece of cake right? However, she finds herself in a situation where she will be taking care of a nine year old boy… And a sixteen year old?

Hey guys! If you did happen to stumble by my profile and read this, I would LOVE some feedback. Curse me out(I prefer you don’t), thank me, criticize me! All are welcome as long as it helps me to improve my writing skills. This is just to help me brush up my writing skills and improve.

*Please note this is a romance and is purely fiction. All characters are fictionalized.

Category: Lighthearted romance, it's going to be pretty short because I prefer my stories to be short.

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dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Apr 12, 2017
Amen. But then if I want to do something, and you have to be an "adult" then I'm more mature than everyone. Including grandpa.
NotPop NotPop Sep 22, 2016
We're only four sentences in and I already don't like this bitch
- - Jun 17, 2016
When ever my mom says that it scares me because I know she has some master plan in her head. What's going on!
noelanistories noelanistories Aug 01, 2016
I always joke with my mom but she would send me a death glare that would get me six feet under the ground
maggiemint maggiemint Sep 19, 2016
If I said that I would get slapped into space while trying to catch the teeth my mum broke😕
                              She would slap me so hard I would forget my name, age , ethnicity and why I was born😂
babybutterflykisses babybutterflykisses Jul 06, 2015
Judging from the blurb you have something to lose. Your virginity lol