The Princess and the Greek God

The Princess and the Greek God

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Yen Legaspi By chamcham102012 Completed

After being put through one bad luck after another and two failed relationships, with the last one pushing her to put up her defenses by building a 'wall' around her heart, everyone thought Isla was cursed to be single for the rest of her life. She would have hit rock rock bottom if it were not for her friends.
	Now that she's almost recovered from every blow life threw at her, along comes Nadav - the dashing, captivating, straight out of a glossy magazine, Greek god who managed to catch Isla's attention and tear down the wall, brick by brick.
	But is he really worth it? Is he really worth putting her defenses down for? What if he turns out to be someone else she loathes? And then throw in to the complicated equation the equally handsome but too young billionaire, Roen. What he wants, he gets; by hook or by crook - and what he wants, or better yet, who he wants, is Isla.
	Will Isla ever destroy the wall and let her heart fall in love again?

"You're my little spark of madness that consumed me completely. A madness that pushed me over the edge where no one can save me. I fell too hard - no, I'm still falling and I won't even let anyone save me because I like this feeling. You've turned me into a hopeless romantic. I'm addicted to you. I can't lose you, not now, not ever." - Nadav Thiessen


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taetaev_ taetaev_ Sep 26
Ha! I bet he’s the vet, ceo’s son and the owner of the restaurant 😂
NaftaliGr NaftaliGr Jul 27
Hmmm... I bet that the "Greek god" is behind all this.... 🙂
worldinsideyourhead worldinsideyourhead May 10, 2016
Not bad. Is there some king of greek gods in it? ( Just curious)
shattered_redsoul shattered_redsoul Sep 01, 2016
I usually wear glasses.. and when I go out I usually don't wear them so when I see a dude who looks better than okay I try to read the tag....
                              Well I must have bad luck cuz on those seats I don't wear my glasses meaning it blurry for me!
chamcham102012 chamcham102012 Aug 06, 2015
Hi! So sorry for the very late reply. Glad to know you liked the 1st chapter. Thank you for reading and commenting :-)
wickedPrey wickedPrey Jul 18, 2015
I am supposed to sleep, a while ago..still has to go wake up at 10 pm for work...and it's now past 7 pm.
                              . but my curiosity is getting in the way... :(