My girlfriends a guy!-[ereri]

My girlfriends a guy!-[ereri]

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Violet Mustang By Ereri-love Updated Dec 16, 2015

Erens p.o.v

Hi, I'm eren jaeger I'm 16 years old and I go to titan high with my friends. This is my story of how i changed.

When I was 10 I wanted to be a girl so I began to dress up like one, and do my make up and I let my hair grow long. nobody knows I'm a guy except my parents. not even my adopted sister, she came into the family when I started changing. Forgot to say I have a brother and he knew me as a guy. but he's away on tour so he'll probably always be busy.


I drove to school with mikasa (sister). when we got there we went to our tutor class. I love this class, it's so fun. that's where all my friends are. we went in and there was armin,jean,connie,Sasha and Marco sitting in the usual place talking. we went and joined. We talked until the bell rang and In came the popular guys in the school, Erwin, hanji, Petra and there leader Levi or my boyfriend Levi.

He smiled at me and came Over and kissed me. "hey eren" he smirked. "heyyy levi" I smirked back. "we ...

nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Aug 22, 2016
*punches Eren's eyes and pokes one out* BITCH, WHAT THE F------ *curses at Eren in Spanish and English*
                              Eren: *crying at the end*
ThatWeirdOneThere ThatWeirdOneThere Jul 11, 2016
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Aug 22, 2016
beard* I have a weird urge for beer rn.... I'm so weird for a kid
ummm13 ummm13 May 13, 2016
* slaps eren hard in the face* EREN! TELL LEVI THAT YOUR A BOY AND THAT YOUR GAY.   ... LEVI WONT MIND AT ALL BECAUSE HE IS TOO GAY...... * pushes eren and levi next to each other* WELLLL..... TALK!
kimi2face kimi2face May 13, 2016
Me: eren y did you do that 
                              Eren: its for the best 
                              Me: gets a knife and stabs eren 100 times 
                              Me: cries afterwards
Erf126 Erf126 Jul 25, 2016
.....I was getting a bread in?i thought he was ordering bread online