First Love - EXO Xiumin fanfic [Complete]

First Love - EXO Xiumin fanfic [Complete]

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Syahirah Maruko By SyahirahMaruko Completed

EXO Xiumin fanfic

Someone that you care and love for your whole life. It is not other than Kim Min Seok , your first love. You found him accidentally in a situation that was really unbelievably unforgetable. A wrong dialled number, a broken car and deadlines.. that's how your love story begins. Is it happily ever after or not? Is yours to explore.. 

kindly read - xoxo maruko.

This story getting better and better with every new chapter, because my writing getting better with times, cuz it took me one year to finish this... lol..

sighhee sighhee May 26
Same girl. Same. Who would want to date the strangest girl in the world which is *points at self* me. I Need that question answered
MickeyNight MickeyNight Sep 16
I don't care if I'm forever alone Lay's hip thrusts are all the love I need.
miyeonri miyeonri Mar 30
raise your hand if you're as well a member of "forever alone" club
Xiulious Xiulious Oct 25
Yeah, and chicken is not my style, either. *starts eating chicken*
Hahaha.. Yess actually write this inspired by kris .. That tagline is surely  the most memorable one from exo show time .. Huhu.. Kinda miss the old times when exo is ot12 😢
shessoOMG shessoOMG Dec 09, 2015
"Chicken is not my style"
                                                                -wu yifan-