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The Never Ending Chain of Bad Clichés

The Never Ending Chain of Bad Clichés

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ely By ohsnapitselyza Completed

Join me rant on how the never ending chain of bad clichés are... never ending.. but you got to love them. (not really)

Also Shadow, Roxy... There's a whole list. Shadow is the most used, and I absolutely despise it.
I was in a roleplay and some idiot decided to try and do that to my character
                              My character yelped in pain and shoved him off.
WolfeToodle WolfeToodle Jan 20
If someone spilled coffee on me. Mhmm I don't give a damn if you the hottest motherfúcka out there, imma beat yo ass
TypoOnHigh TypoOnHigh Jan 31
i wear my hair in a messy bun because my mom takes 235790864225790223580 years in the bathroom and i have 2 minutes
SNLangford SNLangford Dec 01, 2016
I've only found one book on here where they use the name Rose. And it's for a child in the story that almost gets killed.
I KNOW ITS LIKE??? THERE ARE OTHER SHOWS???? Why is it always spongebob though? If they want to put on a kids show why not Adventure time or Steven Universe even? Or even Teen titans go-okay maybe not that one.