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[Placed in Transformers: Age of Extinction]
Cade Yeager didn't have one child.
He had two.

Or did he?

Meet Kyrie Yeager, younger sister of Tessa. The one who knew about Autobots and Decepticons. Who knew good from the bad. 
She knew they were broke because of Cade's love for inventing. For making things that were just ahead of their time, not really ready to come into the world yet.
But she didn't mind.
She was on his side.
When Cade brought home that truck, Kyrie was happy and excited. 
When she learned the truck was a Transformer, she was even more happy - and terrified. For what would happen, and what will happen.

When Optimus finally woke up from stasis, he was surprised to find himself in a building, and not where he hid a few hours ago.
And when he sees a human femme come in, his first thought was to transform and kill her.
But when he took a good look at her, she looked beautiful. Whatever she did was graceful, even sitting down on that stool. And when she started speaking, opening up. . . 
Soon, he found himself falling for the human femme.

P.S. : OptimusXOC if you haven't noticed.

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theamazingwiccan theamazingwiccan Oct 31, 2017
I could get away with having that book cause i hace like 50+ books
alley13zera alley13zera Apr 07, 2017
Tessa is 17 so Kyrie being 18 years old doesn't make Kyrie younger than Tessa...
I've had long hair my whole life so when I had it cut short I was all to pieces because every time I tried to play with i couldn't so nah don't think that's weird at all
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Oct 05, 2015
Fourth wall break. So far I have counted (out of all the books I read on Wattpad) 67 characters that have broken the fourth wall like Deadpool......I'm gonna call it Deadpooling.
VisionaryPrime VisionaryPrime Sep 13, 2015
I want to dye the ends of my hair Autobot optic kind of blue, bit my parents are all like no way!! I will when I'm older
dontsaygoodnight15 dontsaygoodnight15 Jul 20, 2015
I like long hair, but I also hate it it was so annoying, I finally just chopped it off.