World War III

World War III

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Adorkable By Adorkable Updated Oct 29, 2010

hey guys.

had the idea of this story in my head like...forever!

so I thought I might as well just write it.

Dont' worry, I'll still try to update "Shhh...It's Confidential"

Chapter 1


     I took a deep breath as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked...different. I couldn't even tell it was me, Ebony Adele Lynx, more commonly known as Ebony Lynx, the teen super-model. I ditched my Chanel pumps and replaced it with supposedly what normal teenagers wore-converse. My long, natural black hair was cut emo style with the fringe and everything. My blue eyes were hardly visible under the strands of hair that were shadowing them.

     I chucked on a black hoodie and swung my backpack over my shoulder. I sighed as I looked into the mirror for the last time. I have to do this, I told myself. I wanted to be normal. Even if it meant changing my style, personality and attitude. Ever since I was 'noticed' at the shopping centre, I've been an instant celebrity. Girls wanted t...

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