Everlasting ღ Newt [1]

Everlasting ღ Newt [1]

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Alysha By WrathfulDeity Completed

❛I know we're not everlasting, 
We're a train wreck waiting to happen.❜

Lori wakes up inside a grave, along with a body. Finally a boy helps her escape, and he takes her to the Glade, an encampment in the middle of a Maze.

Lori has no idea where she is, who she is or how the hell she got into the middle of a Maze.
All she knows is that she has to find a way out.


I hope you all enjoy my new story. I only own Lori and whoever else you don't recognize from the books! 
- WrathfulDeity

And please don't copyright, even if the story sucks, I rather it stays mine.
COPYRIGHT 2014 ©WrathfulDeity

Published 4/11/2014

miss_WTF miss_WTF 6 days ago
Who else actually clicked on this book mainly because queen Lydia was on the cover?
DeppieG DeppieG Sep 08
Let this half shank be a reminder to you all you can't escape through the box hole…
Everyone is talking about teen wolf but then there's me who just thinks Lori…Lori Grimes
bilinskii bilinskii Apr 17
whori grimes, the worst mother and wife in existence. Maybe she still thinks that Carl's in the house.
oddbooknerd oddbooknerd Mar 14
I feel like we all are still crying ourselves to sleep because of that.
Lori Grimes.......whore ( _  _ )
                                                                            <(       )>
                                                                               /      \