Everlasting ღ Newt [1]

Everlasting ღ Newt [1]

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WrathfulDeity By WrathfulDeity Completed

❛I know we're not everlasting, 
  We're a train wreck waiting to happen.❜
  Lori wakes up inside a grave, along with a body. Finally a boy helps her escape, and he takes her to the Glade, an encampment in the middle of a Maze.
  Lori has no idea where she is, who she is or how the hell she got into the middle of a Maze.
  All she knows is that she has to find a way out.

- There will be spoilers for the books and movies (duh)
 - This was my first proper fanfic, and it's cheesy af 

  I hope you all enjoy my new story. I only own Lori and whoever else you don't recognize from the books! 
  - WrathfulDeity
  And please don't copyright, even if the story sucks, I rather it stays mine.
  COPYRIGHT 2014 ©WrathfulDeity
  Published 4/11/2014

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NotToday_Satan NotToday_Satan Apr 13, 2017
Hey, I was wondering if you are selling this book on eBay or something like that? I just really like this book and I'd like to purchase it. If not, than that's ok
Now I’m scared I haven’t read it yet and I have no idea what’s gonna happen
Hey did you post this on tumblr ages ago? I’ve been trying to find a Newt fanfic I read ages ago that I loved
same hon same, i’ll never get over what happened in that book  tbh
iconiclife iconiclife Jul 13, 2017
Second time reader(but I forgot everything) 
                              July 12
jaffa888 jaffa888 Jan 20, 2017
WE. DONT. SPEAK. OF. THE. BOOK. WHO. SHALL. NOT. BE. NAMED. please and thank you.