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Baby Don't Forget, We Haven't Lost It All Yet - Kellic

Baby Don't Forget, We Haven't Lost It All Yet - Kellic

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Ashley º-º By MyKellicRomance Completed

Kellin never lived a life of happiness. Their was always something that would make his life even more miserable then it already was, and that's probably why God decided to make Kellin gay, but not just gay, a faggot, a stupid, ugly, faggot, and nothing was worse than that. 

Vic Fuentes always lived an easy life. Sure, their was always those few obstacles that he just needed to get past, but he's never faced an obstacle as big as the one standing right in front of him. Kellin Quinn just may be known as the biggest obstacle Vic will have to get past, or maybe, fall in love with.

Oh my god they clearly can't see the difference between a cigarette (faggot) and a human
frnakieroh frnakieroh Jun 01
in case you haven't noticed, i'm weird. i'm a weirdo. i don't fit in and i don't want to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? that's weird.
I fuckin hate my real dad even tho he's the only one I have that knows me in real life
THEN IM CHILDISH. My only friend is an old  stuffed sheep. He has a name too. Lammet (Swedish) which means The Sheep. He's like.. 9 years old and I'm 14. Omg I'm so childish. I guess that's who I became when I lost my only friends
akaptv akaptv Apr 18
tbh if my mom were to get remarried (i doubt it tbh) i dont think id ever like him.
The kids at my school call every emo there (me and two other people) a fag even though we are all straight.