A Kiss on the Wrist

A Kiss on the Wrist

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||book 1 of the akotw trilogy||

Hate, abuse, and suffering. 
That is the reality for 17 year old Channing Darly. 

She endures the abuse delivered by her stepfather, while also trying to protect her oblivious mother. In order to deal with the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, she often finds herself turning to the blade, and taking her frustrations out on her own delicate flesh.  

When Channing gets the chance to meet the boys of One Direction at a local signing, she's eager and nervous to share her letters that's she's written to Niall over the past year.

They develop a bond that no one seems able to explain; Channing leaves Niall with a stack of her letters, and Niall leaves Channing with the promise that he'll read them, as well as his leather bracelet to remind her that someone is thinking about her. Someone cares.  

Little does Channing know, that once she let's Niall into her mind and soul through her letters, he'll stop at nothing to mend her broken past. Even when she resists his advances, he lovingly kicks the walls down she's built around her heart; one kiss, one touch, and three little words at a time.  

They may not have known each other for long... but all they know for sure is that everything has changed... and it started with a kiss on the wrist. 

||WARNING|| This story will contain sexual content, as well as many forms of abuse, including: drugs, verbal/physical/sexual abuse, and self harm. It is rated R and not intended for individuals who are underage or lack the maturity to understand such mature concepts. 

Also, later on, you will find some chapters have been marked as private by Wattpad because of inappropriate content-- please be sure to follow me so that you don't have any problems viewing these chapters.

Feel free to watch the trailer in the media section if you need a more visual explanation as to what this story contains.

<3 Mandy 

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raindrop20 raindrop20 Dec 26, 2017
I read this for the first time in like three or four years ago and I loved it and so now I'm reading it again now that I'm more  mature I just turned 17 yesterday and I can kind of understand a lot more of what's going on in this book
achahal2018 achahal2018 Jan 17
This is my second time reading this story. The first time I read it was 4 years ago. I love love love it ❤️
karrie_d karrie_d Jul 06, 2017
I literally cried and I'm 15 and this is my first time in a long time reading an1D story
karrie_d karrie_d Jul 06, 2017
It's not hard to make me cry since I'm so sensitive and emotional but this was beautiful I sobbed
This is like my 5th time rereading this and I’m still crying on the inside
JackFrostBeliever JackFrostBeliever Jul 06, 2016
Same with me! My friend who is also a Directioner said that I was just being dramatic!