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I'll Be Better.

I'll Be Better.

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Nina By smileyfaceXD Updated Feb 18, 2016

Sixteen years after Elaina and Mason’s love story ended, we are introduced to their children once more. Logan, now nineteen, is as protective of his sister Willow as always. And, with her sixteenth birthday quickly approaching, everyone’s protective instincts have tripled. The Alpha’s only daughter is about to come of age, and meet her mate. Although she desperately hopes that it will be her best friend, Elliot, and most of the pack assumes that the two are destined for each other, fate has a funny way of working…
	With Willow’s birthday comes bleeding rivals falling to their knees at her doorstep, dark stories of the past, and a boy with blue eyes that her mother can’t bring herself to go near. Can fate win out over a dark history, or will it tear apart all of Willow’s hopes for a happy, mated future? 
	Like Not One of Them, I’ll Be Better will remind readers that while paths can be dark and murky, star-crossed love will always fight to win (This is the sequel to Not One of Them, and it is recommended - but not vital - that you read that book first).

omg i love this book as much as the first one.... But i wounder who is her mate? If it's Elliot i'm going to be happy. But it seems like it's not because it's someone her mom can't stand.? Also Elliot doesn't have green eyes.
YasmineZamudio YasmineZamudio Dec 25, 2016
I think Willows mate is going to be Derek's and Ally's son...
tweetyelsie tweetyelsie Aug 02, 2016
It would be logan, cause during elainas and logan fisrt meet logan feels elainas wolf with in and they click immediately so logans wolf acknowledge something inside elaina already since then
Supernatural_squad Supernatural_squad Mar 27, 2016
Just reading the details when I clicked on the cover mad me cry I'm so emotional
LoveStruck3789 LoveStruck3789 Dec 16, 2015
It can't be Sam! He was killed remember! There's know way it was him. Now if the man said Savannah then maybe it was Sam in the dream but think about it it was a dream. I think it might be Derek in the dream
crypticQ crypticQ May 05, 2015
I feel like it is Sam. I know he was killed but... Crazy stuff happens.