Light in the Dark (Natsu x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]

Light in the Dark (Natsu x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]

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(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By MissJamless Updated Sep 18, 2016

EXTREME CRINGE AHEAD; READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I wrote this story back when I was an inexperienced twelve year old weeb. I'm sixteen now. This will never be updated again. 

Life isn't a fairy tale.
That was something (Y/N) (L/N) was all too familiar with. She had a dark past she hid behind a smile. One that can't stay as merely the past, but will instead continue to haunt her. She acts friendly but can't fully open her heart to anyone after the pain and loss she's suffered from. When she joins a guild called Fairy Tail and meets the warm Natsu Dragneel, can that change? 

Disclaimer: I do not own any attached media, including the artwork used for this cover.

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AliciaWalker AliciaWalker Apr 23, 2018
You said this was cringe! This is  cringe its amazing ok!!! Im glad i read it!!
Our-Savior-Yaoi Our-Savior-Yaoi Aug 29, 2017
Listen to my musical doodle!
                              No one else think of that?
                              Imma just leave now.....
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Jul 27, 2017
Umbreon use Shadow Claw!!!!!!
                              *super affective*
                              Alakazam fainted
LunarEclispe_4 LunarEclispe_4 Jul 29, 2017
ONE DONUT (hehe ) touch me If im ur daughter u don't have the rights to hurt me TWO if I'm ur money maker why u killing me THREE u could have put me in adoption center and FOUR U DIDNT GIVE BIRTH TO ME MY MOMMA DID
LunarEclispe_4 LunarEclispe_4 Jul 29, 2017
Okay sure u put the butter in the momma but the momma made the toast which is me
Thatonegirlbri Thatonegirlbri Nov 22, 2017
Lol I lowkey thought of that one lilo and stitch scene when lilo and her sis are arguing and lilo was like “No! No! NOOooo” then she face plants