The Drunk List [Gratsu]

The Drunk List [Gratsu]

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In which an intoxicated boy makes a list of twenty things he never thought he had wanted to do and an adventurous boy offers to help him complete each one. 

[Highschool Gratsu AU, mentions of self-hate and eating disorders]

©hanlovespasta // 2014

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Freckles are like THE hottest thing EVER like h o e  l e e  c r a b  Cameron Boyce (I think it's his name) be looking like a snake 24/7 ACTUALLY not even a snack a freaking full course meal NO BOI AN ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET I need to stop
AnimeFanfac AnimeFanfac Aug 22
Lmao he's like "yeah I know I'm Sting why wouldn't you be proud?" 😂
Already read this book once! And imma planning on reading it again. Though 3rd last chapie made me a bit cry. Awesome boooooooook!!!!
Second time reading this and im still not prepaired xD when i first read it my username was either Little-One4302 or Little-Chan4302
-glxssbead -glxssbead Jul 23
how do people run down stairs without tripping and dying?? I tried to do it when I was at my grandmother's but I tripped and got a huge bruise :/
Second time reading this book XD
                              Idk why i didnt vote the first time