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The Dragon Eaters (Sticy) (FairyTailFoc)

The Dragon Eaters (Sticy) (FairyTailFoc)

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Kouki By KoukiSenpai Completed

Running through the woods after being forced to leave Fai.... Fairy Ta... Tail a blonde girl suddenly tripped over a root that was in the middle of the trail. "Dammit." She sighs. She thinks about how long she has to run away before they come after her. 

She hears faint yelling of her name "Lucy....Lucy where are you girl!!! Lucy come back!" A pink haired teen that's chasing after her.

'Dammit... He's almost here... What do I do what do I do!!!' She thinks while getting up quickly and going off the trail deeper into the forest. 

Seeing an opening in to a tree. The girl named Lucy runs into it and uses an unknown magic that no one else knows about and hides herself and scent in the tree. The pink haired teen stops and than goes back the way he came thinking he misses her.

Sitting down Lucy sits on something soft... and... squishy? Looking down she's is sitting on Sting-kun from Sabertooth!!! Why is he here so close to Magnolia? Oh well.. 'I'm so tired... Maybe I'll just take a littl...

flamingwonder flamingwonder May 16, 2016
WHAT!???  I've dropped my phone so much today from reading stuff like this!
SkyDragonSorceress SkyDragonSorceress Apr 11, 2016
Because that's the goal: fall asleep on Sting Eucliff randomly.....
SkyDragonSorceress SkyDragonSorceress Apr 11, 2016
For some reason I imagined Natsu saying this in an extremely sassy teenage girl voice..... 
                              Like when someone says his hair is pink and he's just like, "Gosh! It's salmon!"
JuviaFullbusterIce JuviaFullbusterIce Nov 17, 2016
O-Oh!!! Sting-Sama is going to be slept on!!! Love this btw!
bunny-girl777 bunny-girl777 Apr 22, 2016
Why did she leave the guild?probably natsu or erza.usually is in fanfics like this
idkhonest idkhonest Jun 15, 2015
why is Sting in a tree and why is Lucy like "Oh! There is a person right here, but I'm tired...Yeah! I'll just sleep on them!!"