I owe you

I owe you

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- By vlessed Updated Sep 03, 2017

Ellie is a rich girl with a wealthy, good life. But she isn't spoiled, not at all. In fact, she wishes to have a normal life with parents that actually pay attention to her.

But wealthy girls don't always have good, perfect lives. One day, Ellie was crashed by a drunk taxi man, and worse into the water. She would have died. If this guy didn't save her. Lance, the guy's name, and Ellie turn out to be good friends.

They get along well and for once, Ellie feels love in her life. She's never gotten any love from her parents, nor her friends. 

Could they be..maybe...a little more than friends..?

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Smiley_fuzzypants Smiley_fuzzypants Aug 22, 2016
Who is on the cover of the book (I thought it was the couple from lovely complex lol)
Wirt_Young Wirt_Young Nov 11, 2015
Chitanda just keep fainting doesn't she XD (I call her that because if the picture, sorry if you don't like it)
Sha_no Sha_no Nov 03, 2015
I'm questioning as to why he left the taxi driver still in the vehicle when he was saving her.
BrightestStar BrightestStar Oct 12, 2015
This is such a cute story! Just remember when the characters talk make sure to indent! (Fellow author)
-Daddy_Long_Legs- -Daddy_Long_Legs- Sep 11, 2015
even I was sick I'd be jumping on the bed because of the happiness of not going to school then probably twist my ankle
steamfrost13 steamfrost13 May 21, 2015
I agree, this is how I feel when I miss school when I'm hurt or sick