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Lonely (Ciel x reader)

Lonely (Ciel x reader)

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Ciel And Payten By Ciel_and_Payten Completed

(YN) (yln) is very lonely and doesn't give a damn about a lot of things. One day her mother, the queen, holds a halloween ball. (YN) and Ciel Phamtomhive then meet. What will happen? Will (yn) be happy and not so lonely? Will Ciel feel the same for her? Find out!
Me no own Black Butler!

I could only read that in Jacksepticeye's voice 
                              I LOVE BALLS
Everyone is pointing out the black roses but I'm taliing about how I can't be nice.
KuroChlo KuroChlo Apr 05
Nuhhhhhh Ash/Angela/thing stay back!!!(lol spoiler alert) I still don't know if I should call you a he or a she so you're now an it.😂👌🏻
I wear this almost every day but my real teeth are shaped like vampires teeth and I have black eyes and black hair and lastly I'm the palest person on the planet
xMusicz xMusicz Dec 27, 2016
I would never be able to bow properly, I would probably trip 
                              The struggle of being awkward
Friend:  did ya here Molly?  A dog died at school today!
                              Me:    Yeah.... I think that was my dog...
                              Friend:  oh! I'm so sorry for your lost!
                              Me: ok....   I'm gonna go eat my lunch now. Bai..