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Saving the Superhero (Captain America Fanfic)

Saving the Superhero (Captain America Fanfic)

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Nici By TrickyNici Updated Jul 08, 2015

PART 2 OF THE LANA GRAHAM SERIES! After spending over 70 years on the ocean floor with nothing to do but think, the Lana that everyone knew is gone and a stronger version of herself has surfaced. Lana escapes the SHIELD facility 'unthawing' both her and Steve Rogers and goes off the radar, having no memory of her life before being found. When the Avengers Initiative is started up, Captain Steve Rogers is given a special task. Find Lana, the love of his life, and recruit her because she is the key to stopping Loki, and the evil plan he has concocted.

Man what a twist the the love thing I think that it is excellent so far
crochetingfangirl crochetingfangirl Aug 17, 2015
This is how I feel when one of my siblings finds stuff I don't want to explain about like when I buy something. They are all "What's that? Where did you get that?" I just say. "It's mine!"
lunarwolf24 lunarwolf24 Jun 16, 2015
Hi hi I loved the first story and I can't wait to see the second part
HexGirl12108 HexGirl12108 Nov 03, 2014
I love it @TrickyNici!!!!!! It's by far the most intriguing book series I have ever read..............*whispered* don't tell anyone, but I like your series better than The Hunger Games:)
TrickyNici TrickyNici Nov 03, 2014
@HexGirl12108 Im taking my laptop to work today to work on more writing! :D and do you think so?! :D
HexGirl12108 HexGirl12108 Nov 03, 2014
Please update soon! And u should put Superheroes Loving Superheroes up for WattyAwards2014