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Rejected by my mate

Rejected by my mate

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KaitlynFacey By KaitlynFacey Updated Dec 16, 2014

"Allison you worthless sl** get your lazy a** down here and make us breakfast" my brother Alex shouted from downstairs. Well.... I'm Allison Cortez I'm 15 and my birthday is in a week which I'm super excited because I will find my mate and he will save me from all the abuse I get. Well it all started when I was 9 it was my birthday and the day which I'm suppose to be the happiest person but it was the day when rogues attacked my pack the 'Light Moon Pack'.......
FLASHBACK*** "Happy Birthday Alli!!" My parents and brother said all at once. "Thanks guys" I said back with the cutest smile ever. "Hey baby sis how does it feel to be nine" Alex said while playing with my hair. " Bubba it feels great although I just turned nine" I said using the nickname I got him. "Alli honey your father and I have a surprise for you okay we love you be back in a bit" While my parents went outside my brother got something out his pocket which looked like a.......
~~read to see what happens~~

itsapotatoday itsapotatoday 4 days ago
Umm... You just saw that the rogues killed them... You're a idiot.
jktimberlands jktimberlands Oct 19, 2016
I thought it said "turtle" instead of "title" because I was like damn, he's got pretty cool turtle.
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jul 12, 2016
Wow " what a bunch of Bullies! She should Run Away! 😄 😄
kkadijakk kkadijakk Apr 09, 2016
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jul 12, 2016
He was crazy with Greif  so He shouldn't take it out on Her! 😄 😄
Wallflower_Girl_03 Wallflower_Girl_03 Sep 08, 2016
In general I am a insensitive person. If I was her friend and she ask me "What did I do to deserve this?" I would say "You got your parents killed." And then I would go back to whatever I was doing.