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My Prisoner ~ Jackal x Reader

My Prisoner ~ Jackal x Reader

57.7K Reads 1.3K Votes 6 Part Story
Charizard Dragon By CharizardDragon Completed

Being a council member had it's ups and  downs. One of those downs would probably have to be almost getting blown up and then taken prisoner by a demon. Yeah... not your best day. It's not too bad though, after all, you get to fall in love with a bomb crazy demon who just might have a bit love for you too.

This story was based off of my Jackal x Reader one-shot in my Fairy Tail x Reader book. This story does contain a lemon (sexual story) so please, read at your own risk.

FangirlByBlood56 FangirlByBlood56 Sep 28, 2016
Oh wow that sounds awful...*runs to another room* 
                              YUUUUS *fist pumping air and does victory dance* 
                              *runs back*
                              I hope the reader is alright....
Falconswipe Falconswipe May 26, 2016
Me: *before he finds me in story* IM RIGHT OVER HERE!!!
                              Jackal: Well then.........that's a first
UltearFullBuster34 UltearFullBuster34 Dec 06, 2016
Xx_GlitteryFlames_xX Xx_GlitteryFlames_xX Sep 14, 2016
NO WAY NATSU WILL SAVE ME!!! (I know what you all are thinking. Why am I in a jackal x reader if I have a thing for Natsu.... well I'm just interested... Nothing more nothing less😣😣😣
_Killua_X_Zoldyck_ _Killua_X_Zoldyck_ Oct 23, 2016
Maybe you should? Maybe you shouldn't? MAYBE YOU SHOULD KEEP ME!!! 😍
sha_na_na sha_na_na Jul 08, 2015
Seriously?! Even though Jackal is awesome he didn't just do that!