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No Mist Anymore

No Mist Anymore

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The One and Only Me <3 By awesomegirl844 Updated Sep 14, 2015

In the Giant War, Hecate was injured and therefore has no power over the mist. The demigods have to deal with high school encounters and just regular walk in the park encounters with mortals or monsters. Revealing their true identity.

All rights go to Rick Riordan. I own no PJO/HOO people.

ignis619 ignis619 6 days ago
Is she just the smart half of his brain that just never showed up
megawolfdogEX megawolfdogEX Dec 17, 2016
i find this thing common but i love it a mortal pretends to be a demigod to get higher social power (normally a bitchy girl claiming Aphrodite)
itsnicetobemiserable itsnicetobemiserable Feb 29, 2016
Why do mortal always stare? Don't they got something better to do?
AnimePandaQueen AnimePandaQueen Feb 07, 2016
Why do I see her with the window down, holding up the peace sign and saying bye bîtches
zzMiya-chanzz zzMiya-chanzz May 31, 2015
BTW, I was just giving my opinion. So please don't start commenting to me about how I'm--I don't know--rude, unlikeable, etc... (I don't want to use a curse word.)
zzMiya-chanzz zzMiya-chanzz May 31, 2015
I dislike when Percy has a twin sister. Rick made him an only child for a reason! And how can you be 'half' of a seven? If you wanted to make her part of the Seven, you could have changed it to the Eight!