Kiss Me, Kill Me [On Hold]

Kiss Me, Kill Me [On Hold]

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JJ Jiang By JJJiangx Updated Apr 23, 2014

Hollywood. A city of glamour. Brimming with hotties and heartthrobs, movie stars and mansions, glitz and glam. 

It's also the home of a hot new band sweeping the nation. Just Past Paradise. Four boys. The subject of every typical teenage girl's dreams. Well, I’d like to know what girl dreams of being thrown off a balcony by their lead singer.

I swear, I would have never set foot in Hollywood if I had known the place was full of artificial boy bands that were actually not as sweet as they sounded on the radio. Then again, that may have just been auto tune.

They're the reason why I am now caught in a web of deadly, deceptive dilemmas.

But hey, fake is the new real, right?

[Collab between awesome4evah and beautyatwork]

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stupidaggine stupidaggine Jun 22, 2015
Im re reading this and idk if Im the only one but any word starting with a f has a square where the first two letters are which definetely wasnt there before. Its probably just a glitch but still
geek-with-me geek-with-me Jul 26, 2014
I started reading this on Polyvore, and it's awesome. I haven't finished reading it on here, but I will.
VastRainfalls VastRainfalls Aug 17, 2013
I like this, I like it a lot. And it\'s very good writing involved in the story and just what I was looking for! Keep up the good work
lovesickanddelirious lovesickanddelirious Jul 30, 2013
I love your opening sentence , it really set the tone for the kind of story it is. This chapter flow's really well, as does the dialogue. The humour was great, all in all it's a brilliant first chapter :)
Authors_United Authors_United Jul 24, 2013
This is welll descripted.
                              I like it.
                              Honestly, I didn't spot any typos, so that's good.
                              I might just keep on reading
celestialmermaid celestialmermaid Jul 17, 2013
This story has a very different type of plot!
                              It's very, very good.
                              I laughed very much while reading it.
                              I love the way Harley is so sarcastic. 
                              "Please don't be beyonce with a gun!" LOL loved it! 
                              Voted and Added to my library!