Skool Luv Affair | pjm•kth | r e w r i t i n g

Skool Luv Affair | pjm•kth | r e w r i t i n g

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The descriptions always get deleted so meh.

Its vmin so its gonna be good



2016 update:

(Just editing the book a little bc it was my first book and my writing was quite shit when I was young lol) 7/36 revised

But ugh this was my first ever BTS fic when I joined the fandom and my second wattpad fic so... It basically sucks lmao


NOTE: This story and ideas in it are completely made up from my messed up brain so any similarities are either coincidence or there's someone in the world who thinks like me. I don't believe in copying other writers work

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LashauNikee LashauNikee a day ago
Notice how he said person instead of friend XD no friend zoning
TeamSuckJin TeamSuckJin Sep 16, 2017
I have never ever seen jungkookxjhope ship I should probably see some videos
let’s go let’s go l-e-t-s-g-o let’s 👏👏👏👏 go👏👏👏👏
TeamSuckJin TeamSuckJin Sep 16, 2017
I was like is this tae's point of view because that description can also be used to describe jimin ...
V_is_my_bro V_is_my_bro Oct 05, 2017
                              im like 100% messy
                              gosh first time i dont relate with taetae XD
MiChatulousXD MiChatulousXD Dec 03, 2017 care about your social popular status and Jimin is ruining it?