Why So Serious (A Joker Fanfic) {Edited}

Why So Serious (A Joker Fanfic) {Edited}

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Harley By RebelKissez Completed


Nina was never loved. Her mom killed her dad and Nina killed her mom. Then, at age of 15, she met Batman, who disappeared one day and never talked to her again.

Now, Nina's back in Gotham City and changed everything about her. Her hair is silver instead of brown. Her scars hide under makeup. But her hatred still burns. 

Having to live on the streets for years, she picked up a few things.

And she just got kidnapped by the ever so popular Joker. 

What happens if she falls in love with him?

| Joker |
| DC Comics |
| The Dark Knight |
| cover credit @hedaxarden |

ComicAwareness ComicAwareness Apr 10, 2016
WTF?! How do you hate Harley Quinn???? I mean is that even possible? Have you read one of her comics???? She's amazing!!! AND Pancakes?!?!??! How could you hate pancakes?!?
Who the fück doesn't like pancakes?? That should be illegal.
6Dead6Angel6 6Dead6Angel6 Jun 14, 2016
How tf does one hate pancakes??? But, I light of a story I wish to read, I shall overlook this.... Pancake insult
TheoneandonlyNoble TheoneandonlyNoble Dec 22, 2016
That moment when you thought Author-Chan said Alola instead of Aloha.
winters-void winters-void Mar 02, 2015
I just like how it's normal things people would dislike then BOOM pancakes