Only Bad Boys Curse- A Halloween Oneshot

Only Bad Boys Curse- A Halloween Oneshot

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Frank Iero and Gerard Way end up at their friend's Halloween party dressed as a pastor and a catholic school boy for a twisted laugh. 

After a 7 minutes in Heaven game gone wrong, Gerard's teasing becomes more than enough for Frank who decides to get his own back. 

And it backfires.

IAmUglyLol IAmUglyLol Nov 26
Gerard is gonna chop off your balls and make you eat them if you don't stop
Kittehkatmew Kittehkatmew 4 days ago
I'm screeching oml I woke my family up lol my mom's very concerned
L-emo-nGee L-emo-nGee 5 days ago
                              KICK ME LIKE A STRAY
                              TELL ME IM AN ANGEL
the fact that frank did actually breath out smoke in gerard's face makes me really happy
IAmUglyLol IAmUglyLol Nov 26
This would be a sight to see ps where's Beebo, Tyjo , Jish,  Ryro EVERYBODY ELSE
RainbowGerard RainbowGerard 4 days ago
Reading this again and still all I have to say is... niceeee